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I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an improvement

Posted by teasel 03/03/2011 at 10:15AM

Political organization aligned with mayor-elect has spent more than $445,000 to help certain aldermanic candidates,” the Tribune tells us:

A secretly funded political group aligned with Rahm Emanuel has donated more than $445,000 to aldermanic candidates to help the mayor-elect in a high-stakes battle over control of City Hall.

The leader of the group, For A Better Chicago, said there has been no coordination with Emanuel’s campaign but acknowledged the group is working to get a pro-business, pro-Emanuel council elected.

“We’re very supportive of Rahm and what he wants to accomplish and want to continue to drive and push him to follow through — and help move those same agenda items through the City Council,” said Greg Goldner, a veteran Chicago political consultant who managed Emanuel’s successful 2002 bid for Congress. “His campaign commitments and positions are very similar to ours.”

Created after Daley announced he wasn’t seeking re-election, For A Better Chicago is a nonprofit allowed under federal law to protect the identity of its donors. The group formed a political action committee in December to support council candidates, and it was funded with $855,000 from the nonprofit.

The current council races in some ways mirror the 2007 struggle between the business community and labor unions trying to influence a council that votes on everything from neighborhood development to the wages that big-box stores like Wal-Mart should pay in Chicago.

In that election, Daley supporters set up an obscure campaign fund to back Daley-endorsed aldermen to counter the union influence. While the unions won several seats, Daley still had ironclad control over the council.

For A Better Chicago’s influence in the 2011 elections stands to burnish Goldner’s reputation as a power player whose roots go back to the days when pro-Daley city workers flooded wards to get out the vote.

Goldner, the chief executive of the public affairs firm Resolute Consulting, was Emanuel’s campaign manager when patronage workers helped Emanuel win his seat in Congress.

“Back to the days”, like they’re in the distant past instead of most of the last decade… But I feel better knowing there’s been no need for coordination with his former campaign coordinator, after all these years he should know what he’s doing. An anonymous mercenary army bought by who knows is so much more transparent than the primitive abuse of city employees, we’re really living in a golden era of better government.

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