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Nobody says he's dumb, but everyone says he's an asshole.

"that's too bad, because you're stuck with him"

"Is it working?" "Not really. Don't take it personal."

Posted by teasel 01/04/2016 at 12:35AM
"No one leads through a crisis better than Rahm," said Sarah Feinberg, one of Emanuel's closest former aides in Congress and the White House. "He understands that these moments, tough as they are, are the ones that ultimately lead to transformative change."

Or maybe they're just the moments to keep governing like you've always governed, covering your ears and going LALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU:

In recent weeks, Emanuel has reached out to black leaders. Two prominent ministers, the Revs. Marshall Hatch and Ira Acree, said they were called to a private Dec. 8 meeting in which Emanuel seemed to be trying to assess their level of support.

"We told him how diminished his own credibility was," Acree recalled. "We said if you really want to build trust, you have to go beyond your scurrilous minions in Washington and listen to people who have different views."

They took the opportunity to press him for an independent civilian board to review police shootings as well as public hearings into the handling of the McDonald video. The mayor responded, they said, by abruptly calling the meeting to a close.

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"that's too bad, because you're stuck with him"

sir, do we get to win this time?

Posted by teasel 02/26/2015 at 09:06PM

So I hear we’re getting a second chance to run him off.

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"that's too bad, because you're stuck with him"

the theory that regular people know what they want, and get it rahmed down their cake holes good and hard

Posted by teasel 02/22/2011 at 08:59PM

I think these man on the street interviews, non-conforming haikus really, have given me a better understanding of Rahm’s victory:

For Hayden and his wife Liz, 62, that choice was Rahm Emanuel.
“He will try to do the right thing for as many people as possible,” said Liz.
Her husband added, “He’s just a phone call away from the White House.”
Sarah Strang was a little wistful as she voted for Rahm Emanuel for mayor.
“I am sad to see Daley go. I don’t want to see someone new come in,” said Strang.
She has lived in Chicago for about 20 years. It was her first time voting in a mayoral election.
“It’s a big change in Chicago,” said Margaret O’Hara, who cast her vote for Emanuel in a high-rise near Lake Shore Drive.
“It’s important that the next mayor understand the importance of keeping the Magnificent Mile
nice, with art and flowers.”

There might have been a time when I was skeptical that Wall Street could just waltz in with the chump change from god’s purse and buy our election for their man in the administration with some advertising impressions, but I feel so much dumber now I don’t remember exactly… Maybe I should have voted for Rahm, too? Hey, does anybody else feel the sudden urge to buy a few cases of acesulfame potassium, stand on the corner and chuck the cans at the groins of likely voters?

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