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Nobody says he's dumb, but everyone says he's an asshole.

"the lord must love crazy people, he makes so many of them"

in which two wolves and a lamb vote on what to have for lunch

Posted by teasel 02/19/2011 at 11:14AM

People give the media some of the lowest approval ratings of any institution in America, so it makes good sense that voters would let the press decide who they support. These past five months of non-stop Rahmbo coverage at the expense of his opponents has provided an invaluable public service, saving people the time and effort of knowing anything about the candidates they’re voting against.

We’re proud to continue in this fine tradition, but we’d be happier with a run off between two candidates that weren’t Rahmbo. If not that, then voting for any other candidate will help push him below the 50% he needs for an outright win and force a run off election between him and anybody else. And anybody else is better than Rahm.

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"the lord must love crazy people, he makes so many of them"

this town is full of those fucking idiots, too

Posted by teasel 02/18/2011 at 09:10AM

One of my favorite stories about Rahmbo during his time as the White House secretary is when he called liberals ”fucking retarded” for suggesting attack ads against conservative Democrats who were refusing to support Obama’s healthcare plan. We admire a man who gets so enraged at the idea of attacking allies who oppose him that he lashes out at the allies that support him. That Rahm apologized to the special olympics but not liberals should especially appeal to Chicago’s population of disabled conservatives.

But how and why he’s leading in the polls in one of the most liberal cities in America I have no idea. When the polls confuse me I always like to reflect on the ancient wisdom of Rambo III, “Allah must love crazy people, he makes so many of them.”

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