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Nobody says he's dumb, but everyone says he's an asshole.

"the rahm blows both ways"

what was blown is blown, unless it really blows

Posted by teasel 02/11/2011 at 05:25PM

Rahmbo has a principled stance on hypothetical questions about unpopular policies that directly benefited one of his top campaign donors:

Q: Would you have [privatized Chicago’s parking meters]?

RAHM EMANUEL: It’s not helpful or productive to say, would I have done something in the past. It’s done.

Unless, apparently, the hypothetical question is about an unpopular policy that wasted trillions of dollars and killed thousands of people for no good reason:

MR. RUSSERT: You voted–you said you would have voted for the war if you had been in Congress.


MR. RUSSERT: Now, knowing that are no weapons of mass destruction, would you still have cast that vote?


The lesson I take from this is that Rahmbo can be a real straight shooter, but only when there’s real shooting involved.

In that spirit, Rahm has no position on fighting the parking meter deal, which is to say he has no intention of fighting it. And why would he? Unlike, say, city worker pensions, the parking meter deal “is done.” Some candidates for mayor don’t like the idea of Chicagoans paying billions of dollars to Morgan Stanley & Co. over the next 75 years to park in their own city, but what’s $9 billion in our parking fees between old pals? His only complaint is how the remainder was spent, not how our streets were sold for a song to his friends at Morgan Stanley.

To be fair, Rahm also criticized the sale of our parking meters for reducing the amount of free parking: not along the lake shore, but at the 40,000 meters that used to protect our rides from bike thieves. As a fiscally conservative cyclist himself, he says he’s going to have the City buy half the meters back as bicycle racks. A little million dollar insult added to a billion dollar injury never hurt nobody.

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